Europe and Central Asia virtual University

Europe and Central Asia Virtual University Association (ECAVU)

Europe and Central Asia virtual University Association (ECAVU) was created on its constituent assembly on June 26-27, 2001. More than 30 Universities, non-government organozations, international donor organizations of Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Russia,Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukrain were founders if the Association.

The appearance of the Asociation is the continuation of WBI initiative, that in 1997 started the programme of new technologies and distance learnong components implementation in the Universities of some Central Asia countries and Russia.

The core of the Association is about 100 lecturers from 30 Universities of Central Asia, Russia and Ukraine who passed through WBI training for using methods and distance learning (DL) technologies in teaching of economics and in the development of their own DL courses. Now many of them teach the basis of DL and practical implementation of DL courses in their University educational process their collegues from other faculties and Universities. Technical specialists from the Internet centers, that participate in the programme of UNiversities, studied how to use technological platform for DL and to support the faculty in development and teaching of DL courses.

ECAVU is not a juridical person. According to the decision of the Constituent Assembly the juridical person functions and coordination activity was charged to bring out until the end of 2003 to IIS within the limits of which works the ECAVU Association Secretariat.